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Typing and Document Transcription Services 

Ashcraft Historical Transcription transcribes original documents.

Our company transcribes and types your old letters, journals, early American documents, and any other personal, business or institutional records and materials

We work with travel diaries, maritime journals and logbooks, immigration records, wills and property deeds, land surveys and field notes, adoption papers, hand-written family trees and memoirs, bundles of family letters, yellowed newspaper articles and obituaries ... even a box of old family recipes! Our purpose is to help ensure that these important documents be preserved and not lost to the historical record.

Notes and papers packed away in drawers, boxes and institutional archives may be the keys to our histories, but only when we can easily read them can we truly enjoy and share them with others who will similarly appreciate the stories that they unlock.

Contact us with your project challenges and let us help you get what you need from your documents. No project is too small!

  "What professional and fast work. I am absolutely delighted to have found you! I no doubt will
have some other projects along the way as our town approaches it 200th 'birthday!' Look forward
to keeping in touch. Fascinating work!"   - Bill Jeffway, Town of Milan, New York

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