Clients say ...

"Jeanne Ashcraft is passionate about her work. She does not 'guess,' paraphrase or summarize transcriptions, but is meticulous and detailed to maintain the historical integrity of your documents. Most importantly, Jeanne cares about you and your project. I highly recommend Jeanne Ashcraft." -  John Yancey, Lenexa, Kansas
"It's difficult to find the right individual to work with and trust on family history transcription projects. Ashcraft Historical Transcription is that perfect partner. Jeanne properly delivered on expectations throughout the whole project. She was fair, met deadlines and helped us make important decisions on document formatting and preservation. She demonstrated a genuine interest in not only the work to be done, but also in my family history. I highly recommend Jeanne for these types of projects."  -  Scott Shanker, Walnut Creek, California

"Jeanne transcribed 75 letters that my grandmother sent to my grandfather during WWII. ... Jeanne impressed me with her warmth, promptness and professionalism. She transcribed the letters far more quickly than I expected, and it was a pleasure emailing back and forth about the process. ... I wholeheartedly recommend Jeanne's services." - Megan Greenberg, Sonora, Califiornia

"Jeanne is a professional in her field and I would NEVER EVER look anywhere else if I needed transcription services. I knew that I was in good hands from day one." - Brittany Richard, New York

"Stuck in reading some areas of a 1700s era will, I asked Jeanne to take a look. She not only quickly transcribed the words and phrases I was having trouble with, but she went above and beyond in explaining to me how she arrived at her conclusions. I recommend her services, and will use her again." - John Davis, Peoria, Arizona

"Words can’t express how happy I am with the work Jeanne did for me. I started with a well-traveled 1849 Gold Rush journal that was, to say the least, difficult to read. What she delivered was a polished final story in two formats, ready for publication and for the world to see. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing journey she brought forth from a dog-eared antique to a memorable first person story about a man’s often times desperate journey from Virginia to the goldfields of California. Her work provided the means for me to share this historic document with historians and brought to fruition the incredible journey of one man’s adventure of a lifetime."  -  Jeff Wichmann, Sacramento, California

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