Services / Fees

Our services include:

  • Typing or transcription of personal, family and business documents 

  • Interpretation of Early American and English handwriting and language usage

  • Researching terms and usage as we transcribe to authenticate same ... this service is included in the per page fee

  • Absolutely personal attention to your project, treating it as though it were our own.

transcriptions, formatting, research, indexing your historical documents

In most circumstances we can work with the highest quality copies that can be produced. All client documents and work are held in the highest confidence.

We charge by the page. Partial pages are grouped together for billing purposes. Fees are based on the quality of materials to be transcribed, and on your formatting requirements. If you will email us a few representative scans we can tell you what to expect in terms of charges. Please contact us to tell us about your plans for your documents, your time requirements, and to learn what to expect in terms of costs.

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