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European Journal

European Journal

A 100-year-old journal surfaces in a box in an attic. Its pages are fragile and difficult to decipher. Transcribed, they comfortably relay the story of a well-educated young man journeying alone through Europe. His intricate descriptions of architecture and building and farming methods can be useful to museums and archives in the areas through which he traveled.

Gold Rush Diaries

A small leather diary, faithfully kept by a gold miner in 1898 the harsh wilds of Alaska, is falling apart at the seams. The penciled writing is fading year by year. Its transcription preserves the miner’s story for generations to come. Indexing and posting the diary on the Internet invites others to use it for personal and historical research.

Letters From College

Two small town girls go away to college in a California city in 1936. Their letters home describe the period and their experiences as fledgling students. Transcribing these letters makes them available to family members who learn about their mothers and grandmothers as young women.

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